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With health and safety being a major part of every day life, we are still hearing far too often about incidents regarding fires which cause major trauma and disruption for people involved. That’s where Spey Fire Protection come in; we can help you be prepared for the worst by having fire protection equipment in place. If a small incident can be extinguished at an early stage it can prevent a major incident from occurring.

Our engineers have many years of experience both onshore and offshore, we are certified and experienced in the supply, service and maintenance of fire protection equipment. Based in the North East of Scotland, we have a large customer base around Scotland through various industries which ensures we are always looking at new products on the market to keep our customers compliant with new legislation and technology to assist with their needs.

Whether you require a small fire extinguisher for your caravan or a large scale fire suppression system for your data comms rooms, commercial kitchens or any other hazardous areas, we can supply solutions to cover your equipment and property giving piece of mind that you are protected should an incident occur.

We supply a full range of handheld portable fire extinguishers and wheeled trolley units to protect against a wide range of hazards. Water, Water Mist, Foam, Co2, Dry Powder, L2 Powder, Wet Chemical, Lith-Ex and Fireblankets can all be supplied in a range of sizes depending on the requirement.

Fire suppression systems are becoming a common sight within commercial kitchens as these can be operated manually or automatically. Using a wet chemical solution, the systems can be used to protect multiple cooking appliances at the same time to provide maximum protection. These systems can be designed and installed by ourselves to fit around the layout of any kitchen ensuring the kitchen staff maintain maximum working space.

Safety Signage is another important piece of equipment to allow customers, colleagues, and the general public to identify locations of safety equipment and fire exits. The signs we supply are photo luminescent which will allow people to identify the signage even in the event of power failures.

We offer a selection of training courses including First Aid, Fire Warden Training and Practical use of Fire Extinguishers. These courses are ideal to keep employees skills and knowledge in line with current legislation.

As a member of the UK Fire Association, you can be assured we offer great service at competitive prices for servicing, supplying and maintaining fire fighting equipment. Should you have any enquiries regarding fire protection please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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