Transforming Healthcare for a Healthier World
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At CDW, we understand that when it comes to healthcare, every moment matters. That's why we have partnered with industry-leading technology providers to offer fully integrated healthcare mobility solutions that save time and improve healthcare experiences for patients and providers.

Our integrated mobility solutions save time while improving patient experiences and assisting healthcare professionals. We prioritise seamless patient experiences, optimise tasks, and efficiently allocate resources. Our solutions enable healthcare providers to focus on the needs of their patients and ensure a unified patient journey with robust data security, from seamless check-ins to secure record-keeping.

By embracing eco-friendly practices, we are not only improving healthcare, we’re creating a healthier world. Join us as we reshape healthcare delivery in the digital era. It’s time to transform healthcare.

Time is Currency

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, time is a precious commodity. By harnessing integrated mobility technology solutions, we empower healthcare organisations to save valuable time and use it to deliver exceptional patient care.

  • Optimise tasks to enhancing staff productivity and patient care
  • Enable better resource allocation to improve operational effectiveness
  • Quicker patient check-ins, consultations and discharge
  • Reduce patient waiting times
  • Deliver timely and attentive care

Staff Are the Heroes
CDW and its partners are committed to empowering healthcare professionals. Our integrated solutions provide them with the technology, data and insights they need to free up time spent on administrative tasks and focus on what truly matters: providing better patient care.

  • Empower staff to focus on patient care
  • Improve job satisfaction by reducing administrative tasks
  • Streamlined workflows enable staff to be more available to address patient queries

Patients at The Heart
Our connected healthcare mobility solutions revolutionise patient experiences by saving time at every touchpoint. From seamless check-ins to swift access to medical records, our solutions optimise processes and ensure that patients receive timely, efficient and compassionate care.

  • Elevate patient satisfaction
  • Patients experience a seamless journey, reducing stress and enhancing their overall healthcare experience
  • Enable proactive health management

Security is Critical for Trust and Compliance
Staying compliant and protecting sensitive patient data is critical to modern healthcare operations. Our mobility healthcare solutions are designed to safeguard patient information securely and efficiently, reassuring patients that their information is handled with utmost care. The solutions also ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

  • Ensure compliance with data protection laws
  • Maintain data integrity to ensure accurate healthcare information
  • Instils confidence in patients

From Fragmentation to Collaboration
Technology across many healthcare organisations are often fragmented, creating inefficiencies in the way staff work and how patients are treated. Our solutions work together seamlessly, saving precious time in data access and communication. By fostering collaboration among healthcare teams, we enhance efficiency, reduce delays and ensure timely patient care.

  • Foster seamless communication and collaboration between departments and staff
  • Unified data access allows for quicker decision-making, reducing delays in patient care
  • Create a holistic view of the patient medical history
  • Coordinated and efficient care across specialties

Trusted Healthcare Partners
Transforming healthcare requires expertise and collaboration. CDW has formed a strategic partnership with RDP, Imprivata, Zebra and, bringing leaders in healthcare technology together to deliver a suite of mobility solutions that gives healthcare professionals the insights and time needed to deliver better healthcare experiences.

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