University Hospitals Bristol and Energy Efficient Solutions Group Partner to Promote Sustainability in the NHS
Product Feature

EES Group and University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Trust partner on a large-scale LED project, propelling sustainability and carbon neutrality in the healthcare sector.  
University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Trust (UHBWT) stands at the forefront of healthcare sustainability, addressing the critical intersection of climate breakdown and public health. With over 100 clinical services across 10 sites, catering to a population of over 500,000 people, UHBWT has embarked on a journey to lead by example in the sector, as outlined in their ‘Sustainable Development Strategy’ roadmap which aims for carbon neutrality by 2030.

Recognising the potential for massive energy savings by transitioning from old, inefficient fluorescent bulbs to LEDS, UHBWT partnered with Energy Efficient Solutions Group (EESG) on a £2.4 million project. The project initially focused on common and public areas in 2019 and expanded to encompass the entire estate and all clinical and patient care areas after the success of the collaboration. This partnership has been maintained over 4 years, signifying the trust and confidence that has become established between the two parties.

With extensive experience in the renewable and sustainable industries, coupled with expertise in working with healthcare providers, EES Group were recognised as the ideal company for this project. The hospital's confidence in EES Group is reinforced by their notable certifications, including the esteemed B Corp recognition, showcasing the company’s commitment to genuine environmental and societal impact. Additionally, their LED products, endorsed by the UK’s Lighting Industry Association (LIA), come with a 10-year warranty, making them an ideal solution for high burn-time demand sites.

EESG’s meticulous approach involved comprehensive site surveys for each room, ensuring optimal lighting tailored to the hospital’s needs. In addition to the standard LED upgrades, the project included compliant emergency lighting with photocell sensors to enhance efficiency in low-usage areas, such as storerooms. The team also installed a standard and emergency Dali system to improve the monitoring and maintenance of the lighting.

It is imperative that any project is carried out with profound attention paid to the sensitivity of the environment, particularly in an active hospital. EES Group appointed a dedicated project manager, serving as a singular point of contact for all stakeholders, including the Trust, estate managers and staff. This manager ensured a consistently adaptive approach to the hospital’s dynamics, often requiring after-hours work to minimise disruptions to the wards.

With a rich portfolio spanning 15 years of experience in lighting design, installations, and project management, including impressive collaborations across various sectors, EES Group reinforced its position as a leader in the LED lighting sector. The company maintains that environmental responsibility is at the forefront of its ethos, demonstrated through environmentally safe disposal of replaced products and a 10-year warranty on LEDs. This aligned seamlessly with UHBWT’s sustainability ambitions, providing the trust required to highlight that both parties were committed to achieving an environmentally friendly future.

Feedback received from UHBWT emphasised EES Group’s management style, underscoring that the team was incredibly client-focused on all levels within the organisation team. They offer cutting-edge technology, adaptability, and extensive experience within the industry alongside a dedicated project manager who will ensure a smooth and efficient process.

This collaboration created impressive energy savings for the hospital. After the upgrade, there was a 73% reduction in energy, with carbon savings of 43,584ct. By partnering together, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Trust and EES Group have not only transformed the hospital’s lighting but have illuminated a path towards a greener, more sustainable future in healthcare.

EES Group have worked with several local authorities and public services in the UK. If you would like to learn more about their renewable and sustainable multi-technology solutions or are considering upgrading your fluorescent or LED lighting, head to, or email