Tech trials to boost connectivity in health and care

NHS England is launching technology trials to boost health and care connectivity.

NHS organisations are invited to take part in wireless trials to investigate how wireless technologies can improve patient care.

Funding applications for proposals that aim to improve connectivity in the health and care setting or maximise efficiency of existing digital infrastructure are open via the Connectivity Hub.

Successful bids will receive funding for the project, advice and guidance from NHS England, and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organisations on Wi-Fi improvement projects powered by innovation.

Previous trials include University College London Hospitals’ Find and Treat service, which uses high-tech tools and software to provide real-time remote diagnosis and referrals on board a mobile health unit. The service offers remote screening, testing and treatment for vulnerable, homeless, and high-risk people in London.

Another trial saw South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust becoming the first 5G-connected hospital in the UK.

Stephen Koch, executive director of platforms, NHS England, said: “Wireless technology has an increasingly important role to play in delivering effective and efficient digital health services to provide the best care for patients.

“The wireless trials are designed to help the NHS understand how existing and emerging Wi-Fi solutions can support the delivery of better health and social care across the wider NHS.

“We look forward to working with successful trialists to explore opportunities for wireless technologies and high-speed connectivity that take another step forward in digital transformation and in improving patient care.”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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