Welsh Government publishes statement on RAAC in public estate

Rebecca Evans MS, minister for finance and local government and Jeremy Miles MS, minister for education and Welsh language have published a statement on RAAC in the public estate.

Local authorities and NHS estates have been working to carry out assessments of their property portfolios to determine whether any buildings contain reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) and ministers have been provided with regular updates.

The statement says: "We have asked local authorities and other public bodies to assess the wider public estate for the presence of RAAC. We have also asked stock holding local authorities about the presence of RAAC in social housing. Registered Social Landlords have been asked to make an assessment of their stock via Community Housing Cymru.

"This is a large and complex undertaking involving potentially thousands of buildings across Wales.

"Ystadau Cymru, which encourages excellence in active management of the Welsh public sector estate through strategic collaboration and good practice guidance, issued a new survey to identify RAAC in public buildings following the new information about RAAC in the English school estate.

"We are analysing the first stage returns as we receive them. Local authorities have, understandably, prioritised schools and housing and are taking a proportionate and cautious approach towards this issue.

"As we continue to build a fuller picture of the presence of RAAC across the wider public estate, we will keep Members updated."

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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