Welsh health minister urges people to get their eyes tested

Welsh health minister Eluned Morgan has urged adults over 30 to go for a sight test at their local optometry practice.

Routine sight tests are the best way to check if your eyes are health and can lead to treatment for unknown, sight-threatening conditions.

The ‘Help us Help You’ optometry campaign, which was recently launched by the Welsh Government, encourages everyone in Wales to get their eyes checked regularly with their optometrist, to avoid serious eye problems.

Morgan said: "Glaucoma, diabetes, and myopia are amongst the health conditions that can be detected and treated earlier, through eye examinations at your local optometry practice.

"Optometrists (opticians) can also pick up other problems like brain tumours, so a routine sight test could save your life. It’s very important that adults over age 30 go for a regular sight test. Many people in Wales qualify for a free sight test and some employers will also pay for you to have your test."

David O’Sullivan, Wales’ chief optometric adviser said: "From the age of 30 onwards our eyesight can deteriorate, and certain conditions can develop. So, it’s important for everyone to get a regular eye health check. Your local optometrist is highly qualified in detecting eye conditions and regular check-ups can save your eyesight and even on occasions save lives."

Image by Paul Diaconu from Pixabay

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