New NHS training for community pharmacy roles

The NHS has announced training for 1,000 staff to expand the role of those working in community pharmacy.

Five hundred pharmacy staff will be trained to supervise pharmacists completing training to prescribe medication. Another 500 will be able to support a range of other training and education, including pre and post-registration training for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The training aims to ensure those involved in educational supervision, including Designated Supervisors (DSs), Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician education supervisors and Designated Prescribing Practitioners (DPPs), are confident to support learners.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can apply for the education supervisor training, which will be flexible to accommodate work schedules.

The programme is to be delivered by ProPharmace Ltd and has been coordinated by the Pharmacy Integration Programme at NHS England.

David Webb, chief pharmaceutical officer, NHS England said: “This is part of NHS England’s strategy to increase access to prescribing supervision in community pharmacy and create a culture where existing pharmacist independent prescribers train to become Designated Prescribing Practitioners and Designated Supervisors as part of their career development. This is part of our work to ensure the NHS is ready to support and mentor the new workforce of pharmacist independent prescribers from 2026.”

Liz Fidler, senior professional advisor Pharmacy Technician Practice, NHS England said: “I am delighted that this programme will be supporting the expansion of Pharmacy Technician Education Supervisors. Education Supervisors, using their knowledge and skills, will enable us to support and train more pre and post-registration Pharmacy Technicians to develop their clinical roles and services, supporting reforms and building in sustainability for the future.”

Image by Moondance from Pixabay

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